Privacy Policy

Good Luck with that!

If I paid my hosting company enough money, I could probably find out what you had for breakfast, what your favourite colour is and how likely you are to purchase a spanner at 15:15 on the 27th of September in your 42nd year. I do not need data analytics to generate sales, I rely on reputation. Your IP address and used browser are likely to be collected by the website host and possibly processed by security plugins which protect this website from bots which sweep the internet looking for vulnerabilities.

This site doesn’t collect any user personal data and as far as I can tell it doesn’t deposit any cookies on your device. I have deliberately disabled blog comments and the contact form so that there are no interactions. Guess what, it still works!

Obviously, I am not a clairvoyant and if you want to make an enquiry you will have to send an email or make a telephone call. If we work on a project, I will need to send you digital drawings etc. and ultimately an invoice.

These interactions inevitably leave a trail of contact information. I do use a high security end-to-end encryption email server. My accounting software has banking level security and is GDPR-compliant. Most importantly, other than is necessary to conduct business, your information won’t be used in any other way. It is not entered onto a sales database nor sold to any third parties.

These are basic good internet manners, don’t you think?