Measured building surveying, but with higher resolution 3D scanning and photogrammetry. Every stone can be measured, digitized, 3D modelled and drawn in 2D. Photogrammetry is the extraction of 3-dimensional measurements from 2-dimensional photographic images. Superior detail can be recorded.

Greyscale 3D model of an old chapel in silhouette.
3D Mesh model of a chapel created from scan data – Bolton

The Chapel, Heaton Cemetery, Bolton. Now demolished, but here digitally preserved. Planning applications to demolish require existing drawings as a record. We rendered orthographic projections of the scan data and cut floor plan slices instead of producing time-consuming CAD line work drawings.

3D model shown in elevation of a historic stone church in black silhouette
3D mesh model of a church created from colour scan data – Lancaster

St Paul’s Church, Lancaster. Measured for roof repair works, 3D scanned, externally in colour.

Corner of a barn 3D model in high resolution.
Stone barn 3D modelled from photography – Clitheroe

Probably the most highly surveyed barn in the country. 3D Scanned and photographed including using a drone.

Queen Victoria statue on plinth with a lion in each corner.
Queen Victoria, 1837 – 1901

The statue in Dalton Square, Lancaster. 3D laser scanned and modelled for a planning application.