Call to discuss or send an email with your specification, location and required land area. We will get back to you with a quote as soon as we can.

A Title Plan will suffice, or create a map and boundary with a polygon tool. The simplest way to share the map is to take a screenshot and paste it into an email. With a PC running Windows, Press: <Windows Key + Shift + S>. For Mac, Press Shift-Command-4

Aerial view of fields and a body of water. One field is outlined in red.

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Land Surveyor Costs

We have fair and transparent rates. These reflect an income plus the maintenance, calibration, renewal and investment in new technology, computer hardware and software. We can work on time spent, however fixed price quotes are usually requested for surveys. Required time and equipment resources are estimated from the specification and information available about the site. We may not visit beforehand, so it is vital that you describe the conditions accurately, especially if they differ from the satellite map.

Mobilisation is the greatest cost, not necessarily the total area. The 6 acre site above could take less time than a domestic garden plot as it is flat without sight-line obstructions. Every site is different, and two survey companies with similar rates and equipment can easily make a different judgement, resulting in a notable range in price. Neither company is likely to be profiteering.

More important is that design decisions are based on the best information possible, which is why we only conduct comprehensive, detailed and accurate surveys, presented legibly. A low detail survey can quickly become a very expensive survey.

A typically sized topographical / land survey site measured and drawn in 8 -10 hrs is priced at the day rate inclusive of drawings at £500. A minor survey could be £300, the drawing rate is £50 p/h. For measured building surveys there is an extra over cost for the laser scanning equipment of £150 p/d. Surveys including a garden land survey, floor plans, roof plan, 2x Sections and elevations start, around £1550.

Whatever the price, I do not finish up on site until I am satisfied I have collected the right data, nor handover the drawings or reports until they are up to a high standard.

Note: Prices are Ex VAT