D2R Survey Ltd

Established in 2005, based in Lancaster UK providing multi disciplinary expert surveying services in the North of England.

Accuracy – Presentation – Delivery

With precise surveying equipment, a wealth of experience and ever more computing technology we measure accurately and deliver well presented survey information and drawings. From domestic dwelling projects to large scale developments our surveys inform decision making and the design process.

Lancaster Castle view from a drone
Lancaster Castle

Survey Expertise

The surveyor strives to leverage from constantly evolving technology the most accurate data collected in the most efficient manor. Understanding the clients requirements, methodology and survey instruments are chosen for the best outcome. Collected data via complex software is presented as user friendly maps, drawings and reports.

Below is non exhaustive list of the types of projects we are commonly involved in and elsewhere on the site there are detailed explanation and examples of completed projects.

3D scanner on the pavement in front of Lancaster town hall
Lancaster Town Hall