Site Engineering

Interpretation of design drawings, management and dimensional control over the construction sequence ensuring specification compliance and accurate positioning of the structural elements. Timely, accurate and effective setting out is a major contributory factor to a development’s program success.

Checking as built bolt boxes – Salford

The site engineer will first request the original site topographical survey and find the control points. The overall position of a development is designed within survey context. It needs to be set out using the same control where possible to achieve consistency.

Early ground works setting out – Carnforth

The consultants design drawings are edited by the engineer in Autodesk Autocad and reduced to only necessary data. These drawings are uploaded onto a survey controller. The operator can see visually their location in relationship to the proposed building elements. Line, point and level can be set out directly from the drawing.

Room pod alignment – Down South
Utility setting out and mapping – Salford