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Boundary Survey, Preston

Ever the optimist, one has a go, but realistically there is no chance of achieving accurate satellite positioning in this scene. I did ultimately waste my time and ended up 500m from the site before I could get a fix. I was surveying the boundary of a property, so I could prepare a transfer plan for the Land Registry.

As Built Check, Isle of Man

Within an unfinished steel framed building on the concrete slab. A pickup truck and a survey instrument are at the back inside the hoarding.

It is tight for parking in Douglas. Precision 3D scanning, a concrete basement, lift core, stair core and steel frame. Starting with the basics I levelled the top of baseplates then marked the column centres at 1 metre above the plate, I checked these to grid. We were then able to compare the as-built structural scanned surfaces with the design 3D Revit model. We prepared wall and steel column vertical face analysis checks. Followed by beam soffit horizontal checks. It was interesting to see that naturally the beams followed the baseplates.